The book "Prevention in school"

The book presents a summary of the most important results of research carried out in the project "Prevention system in Poland" implemented at the request of the Ministry of National Education in 2016-2018. Research on preventive needs in the use of psychoactive substances, problems of violence and cyberviolence and evaluation of applied forms of preventive actions was carried out across the country, among students, their teachers and parents in several hundred schools and among specialists for prevention and management of educational institutions. The team of authors has set itself the task of familiarizing readers with contemporary points of view on prevention, verification of the results of performed tests and developing recommendations aimed at improving the prevention system. In the research, among others, there has been an increase in the frequency of use of psychoactive substances from about 10 years of age. In this age there is the first clear jump in the frequency of reaching for a drug. The end of primary school and the transition to the next stage of education is the beginning of the use of psychoactive substances on a large scale. The phenomenon grows quickly with the age of students, therefore it is necessary to anticipate the use of substances for seemingly adaptive purposes. Changes in the functioning of the subjects during the year between the first and second measurement depend on the type and forms of preventive activities carried out in schools. The recommendations presented in the last part of the book indicate the directions of preventive activities, which can be an effective remedy for recorded threats. The authors present their point of view on the issues discussed in the publication and present suggestions for further research and practice.

Porzak, R. (ed.) (2019). Prevention in school. Lublin: "You Have a Chance" Foundation.

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